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Domaining Crew

Types Of Domain Listings

Domaining Crew offers 3 different types of listings which you can select during listing submission. It is not possible to switch between different listing types while that particular listing is live. All these listing types are free:

  1. Sell
  2. Auction
  3. Wanted

How Auctions Work?

In order to participate in any auction first you need to register an account. After registration, login to your account visit any auction listing and you will notice a bidding box in the side bar titled as 'Bid For Domain'. Below input for bid value you will see what is the minimum bid value you must place. Once the auction is finished and if you've won it you will receive confirmation mail.

List of all auctions in which you are or have been participating in is displayed on your profile under 'Auctions'.

How To Promote Submitted Listing?

In order to promote your domain listing first you must navigate to your submitted listings and from the action menu select 'promote listing' option. It will open modal with list of all available promotions as well as your currently active promotions for the particular listing.

List of available promotions are:

  1. Bump Up Listing ( this will update creation date while expiry remains same and can be used only once per listing, it takes your ad at the top of latest listings until and unless next bump up promotion is purchased or a new listing is added by other members. )
  2. Highlight Listing ( this will make your listing stand out from others with a highlighted listing box and green domain title )
  3. Featured Listing ( It makes your listing appear on top of all and relevant searches)
  4. Top Listing ( Approval of this promotion is sole discretion of editor/admin. )

Bump Up and Top Listing promotions do not have multiple subscriptions available.

Once you have selected promotion type and period you can proceed to payment screen. Once the payment is cleared your promotion will be active. Promotion starts from the time when payment is cleared and not from time the promotion is requested. For pricing please refer to our page, promotions and packages.

What Pricing Packages Do You Offer?

We offer free domain listings up to ten. If you want to list more than ten domains, there are three pricing plans offered by us depending upon your number of listings. You can submit maximum 200 listings. Please refer to our page promotions and packages.

Double Listings For Same Domain Name

Double listings with same domain name are not allowed. Such listings are removed or disabled without any prior intimation.

How Can I Contact Seller?

In order to retrieve phone number of the seller go to it's profile page or any of his listings and you will notice block with phone number. If you do not found any phone number at seller's info, then seller must have not opted to be contacted through phone. In this case send him a direct message.

If you wish to start messaging conversation with the seller first create an account. Once you have created your account navigate to any of his ads and you will notice button for sending message. List of your messages is available on your profile. We have incorporated AJAX messaging system where you will be able to continue conversations.

How Review System Works?

There are two types of reviews – buyer and seller. First step is to register an account. Next you need to send a message to a seller. Once the seller responds to your message you will be able to review seller and in the same manner seller will be able to review you.

When users visit your profile they will be able to see your overall review, complete list of your reviews and to filter them by type.

Once you post a review it can not be changed. Also seller and you have the option to respond to review.

What Are Favourite Listings?

If you have found some listing which you want to visit later or contact seller later, etc. you can mark it as Favorite and it will be saved to the list of your favorite listings which you can access from your profile dashboard.

How To Report Listing?

If you feel that the listing  is breaking platform rules, you can report it directly from listing page by clicking on the Report button and writing detailed reason. Listing will remain active until administrator checks the reported reasons.

What Payment Methods Do We Accept?

We accept a range of online payments including eCurrencies (Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney etc.), Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash and others), Skrill, PayPal, Bank Transfers, VISA and Master Cards. Just send us a mail to purchase a package or promotion at

Tell Briefly What Is Domaining Crew?

We are a team of domain investors and professional domain brokers. This free platform has been developed to enable the sellers presenting their premium domain names in a highly classified way. This in return facilitates potential buyers to reach, contact and deal with the seller totally free with no commissions to be paid by any party. We are a legally registered business as Trading Crew Private Limited in our territory of location with our global online outreach.

Do We Ask For Commission?

No we never ask for commissions on completion of any sale or auction. Selling here is totally free. We just provide and control a fair environment to buyers and sellers to complete their deals, transactions and domain transfers at their own terms and risks. We only monetise domain listings.

Do We Provide Escrow Services?

No we do not provide escrow services to any public auction. But we can assist transactions and domain transfers as and when request by our reputed members with minimal varying transaction fees.

Indirect Offers to Admin

If you think that seller is not responding to your messages or offers, you can send us an offer indirectly to admin. We will try to contact the seller on your behalf. Such offers are not mandatory on our part.

What are exclusive domains?

Exclusive domains are directly owned and transferred by (Trading Crew Private Limited). Buyers can pay directly to us and such domains are transferred instantly as soon as payments are cleared in our merchant account.

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