Our Process

How it works? It's easy - It's simple - But it's powerful!

1. Create An Account

Registration is completely free and a simple process. It brings cool features to our members. Creating an account allows members to submit domain listing with powerful tools. Registered members can communicate and review other members, can comment on listings and above all can participate in bidding on available auctions. 

2. Post A Domain Listing

Once you are registered, it is time to bring your premium domains out to potential buyers around the globe. Just click 'submit listing' and you will be able to post your domain listing in a highly classified way. And it's free to post your first ten listings.

3. Accept Offer

Now sit back, relax and wait for the potential buyers to contact you through your phone or our powerful AJAX loaded messaging panel. Or you can just watch buyers bidding on your auction listing, accept the last bid, communicate with the buyer, set the terms to transfer and payment.